Friday, March 09, 2007

Other Legislative Highlights 3-9-07

I have introduced the following additional bills this week:

House Bill 446 (with Bill Faison, D-Orange), which would direct the legislative study commission to study contributory negligence. North Carolina is one of 4 states in the US that follows the contributory negligence doctrine.

House Bill 461 (with Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth), which would prohibit the advertising of the NC Lottery during athletic events, in compliance with NCAA regulations.

Rep Alma Adams (D-Guilford) has filed appropriations requests for two Guilford-based organizations, which I have cosponsored: House Bill 495 (United Arts Council) and House Bill 482 (Greensboro Symphony Orchestra),

Below are several additional bills that have been introduced in the House or Senate during the last week (an asterisk indicates I co-sponsored the bill):

· House Bill 485* would require high school students to receive annual health instruction including information about how a parent may lawfully abandon a newborn baby.

· House Bill 486* would provide a property tax exclusion for disabled veterans and their surviving spouses, and to reimburse local governments for the resulting revenue loss.

· House Bill 492* redefines "delinquent juvenile" as someone who is between the age of six years and eighteen years. Currently, that definition only applies to children up to age sixteen.

· House Bill 493 would ban gay marriages through a constitutional amendment. North Carolina has a law in place that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

· House Bill 502* would repeal the chiropractic special provision that was enacted as a result of what has been determined to have been a federal crime.

· House Bill 516* would reinstate participation goals for businesses operated by minorities or women in Department of Transportation contracts. I have cosponsored this bill.

· House Bill 526* would provide corporate and individual income tax credits for taxpayers that build or manufacture energy-efficient homes. The taxpayer must document the home's energy efficiency. The amount of credit is $1,000 for a new federally qualified energy-efficient home, or $2,000 for a new state-certified energy efficient home, but not both.

· House Bill 527* would make it illegal to use a hand held cell phone while driving a motor vehicle on a public street or highway. I have cosponsored this bill.

· House Bill 547* would allow funds in the National Guard Tuition Assistance Program to be used to provide grants to members of the National Guard to pay outstanding student loans.

· House Bill 554* would increase punishments for some assaults on patients in a health care facility or residential care facility that causes bodily injury.

· Senate Bill 495 would set aside 3 percent of the lottery profits to pay for emergency repairs to public schools in counties with lower-than-average wealth.

· Senate Bill 563 would authorize counties to levy a one-cent local sales and use tax for public school construction, road construction, mental health programs, or other capital infrastructure needs.

· Senate Bill 591 would give consumers the option to stop delivery of local telephone directories to their home or office, patterned after the "Do Not Call" registry.

· Senate Bill 653 would create the North Carolina National Guard Death Benefit and Higher Education Fund, which would provide $250,000 to the family of a guard member killed in the line of duty and a free college education to the victim's dependent children.

Legislators have until March 28th to introduce local bills and May 9th to introduce bills related to the budget.

I value the feedback that I receive from my constituents in Greensboro and Guilford County. I can represent you more effectively when I know your stance on the issues and the concerns which are impacting you and your family. By working together we will have the opportunity to insure a finer quality of life for all of our citizens.



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