Friday, March 09, 2007

New House Rules Approved- Greater Debate, Openness and Transparency

After weeks of discussion, House members approved a new set of rules (House Resolution 423) on Tuesday that will ensure greater debate on various issues and more openness and transparency in the way business is done in the House. The rules, which passed by an 83-34 vote, will govern the House during the next two years. These new, stronger rules will allow us to accomplish our legislative goals regarding education, health care, our economy, our environment, and other important issues while also strengthening the trust and confidence of the people of North Carolina, which must be our top priority each and every day.

With passage of these permanent rules, the House will no longer allow "special provisions," which have been slipped into the budget in the past with little or no debate. (The Senate leadership continues to support special provisions.) There will be no same day consideration of legislation without the approval of the House, which will allow ample time to study a bill before a vote occurs. There will be greater consultation and discussions with the Minority Leader. And, the House will not allow so-called "blank bills" that do not contain substantive provisions when introduced, but are filled in later during a session. (The Senate rules continue to allow each Senator to introduce two blank bills per session.) To view the permanent rules of the House, please go to:

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