Friday, March 16, 2007

Greetings From Raleigh 03-16-07

Work in Raleigh continues to pick up speed as more bills are introduced and considered by the committees - and quite a few have already gained final passage by the House or Senate. Legislators on the House and Senate appropriations committees and subcommittees also continue their discussions about the budget and are considering spending recommendations by Governor Easley, individual lawmakers, and advocacy groups. We're also going through the various state programs to determine what can be eliminated or made more efficient.

On Wednesday, my colleagues and I in the House Democratic Caucus announced our seven major priorities for this year's legislative session. Our agenda includes an "initial blueprint" of how we will work to improve greater access to education and health care, create more jobs, offer tax relief, ensure safer communities, and protect our environment, while strengthening the public's trust in their government. In the coming weeks and months, legislation will be debated and passed on all of these topics, so stay tuned as we make progress on these important issues.

This week, legislators introduced bills on a wide range of topics, including teacher training at community colleges, tuition assistance for members of the National Guard, increased energy efficiency, and reforms to the administration of the death penalty.

Please remember that you can learn more about the General Assembly by visiting Our newly updated website allows citizens to listen in on each day's legislative session, committee meetings and press conferences, learn more about introduced legislation, and view each day's schedule and list of bills to be voted on. The House will be back in session on Monday night at 7 p.m.

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