Friday, June 02, 2006

Protecting Veterans From Identity Theft

In response to the news of a recent theft of a federal government database that included the names, social security numbers and birthdates of 26.5 million veterans across the nation, Rep. Bruce Goforth (D-Buncombe) filed a bill to exempt veterans from the fee charged to place a freeze on a credit report. Approximately 800,000 of these veterans live in North Carolina. On Thursday, the House approved House Joint Resolution 2852, which will allow the legislation to be considered. A similar measure is also being considered by the Senate.

Veterans who suspect identity theft should call (800) FED-INFO or (800) 333-4636 or go to:

Last year, the General Assembly passed the Identity Theft Protection Act, which gave consumers the right to place a security “freeze” on their credit report. Placing a security freeze on your report would prohibit credit reporting agencies from releasing any information about you to new creditors without your approval, making it difficult for an identity thief to open an account or obtain credit in your name.

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