Friday, June 02, 2006

Improved Training For Campaign Treasurers

The House continued to work on legislation this week that further strengthens and improves our state’s campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying laws. On Tuesday, the House gave its final approval to legislation (HB 1847) that would require political campaign treasurers to receive regular, mandatory training in filling out finance reports. This is important as the Legislature is making a number of changes to NC’s campaign finance laws this session.

The House Judiciary Committee on which I sit continues to work on other bills, which were recommended by the House Select Committee on Ethics and Governmental Reform (on which I also sat), including changes to lobbying laws (HB 1849) and restrictions on how a candidate can use campaign funds (HB 1845). Folks might remember the controversy earlier this year when it was revealed that a former legislator used her leftover campaign cash to purchase a car and a personal computer. The Committee will also be considering approving a pilot public financing project for a few legislative races.

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