Friday, May 26, 2006

Protecting Our Enviornment

Reps. Lucy Allen (D-Franklin), Joe Hackney (D-Orange), William Wainwright (D-Craven), and Danny McComas (R-New Hanover) have sponsored a bill that seeks to place a bond referendum on the November 2006 ballot to provide for $1 billion for Land and Water Conservation Bonds to protect the state’s land, water, and special places before they are irreversibly lost. Proponents of House Bill 2827 say that money from the bonds could go to protect 60,000 miles of stream banks and flood plains, 50,000 acres of productive farmland, 25,000 acres of working forests, 35,000 acres of local parks and trails, 60,000 acres of state parks and trails, 150,000 acres of game lands, 350 historic landmarks, 3,000 acres with archeological interest, and 50,000 acres of land visible from scenic highways as well as trees in many urban areas.

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