Friday, July 13, 2007

Public Saftey 7-13-07

A bill to require photo developers to report the discovery of child pornography found while they were working is headed to Gov. Mike Easley for his signature. The House voted unanimously Wednesday to concur with changes made in the Senate. House Bill 27 also requires computer technicians who find apparent images of minors engaging in sexual activity to report the name of the person who possesses the computer.

The Senate passed a House bill this week that would ban school bus drivers from talking on cell phones while driving, a bill which I co-sponsored, House Bill 183. This common sense safety legislation passed the Senate unanimously. School bus drivers would face a misdemeanor and minimum $100 fine if convicted. The bill will now go to the governor to be signed into law.

Cigarettes that burn out safely when left unattended would be required in North Carolina under a bill approved by the House this week. Similar legislation has been approved in more than a dozen states and Canada, according to the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes. The group says cigarettes cause up to 900 deaths a year. The bill, House Bill 1785, now goes to the Senate.

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