Saturday, May 19, 2007

Health 5-18-07

A bill banning smoking in long term healthcare facilities, House Bill 1294, passed the House unanimously Tuesday. It was introduced following a deadly fire in March at an adult-care facility in Mocksville. The fire, caused by a resident smoking in her room, resulted in one death and 21 injuries. The bill will affect tens of thousands of North Carolina citizens either living or receiving medical care in the 635 adult care homes, 644 family car homes, and 392 nursing homes licensed by the state. The bill is expected to improve the safety and health of residents and workers in the facilities.

A driver's license does not currently serve as a valid indication of a person's wish to be an organ donor. Rep. Dale Folwell introduced House Bill 1372, making the notice on driver's licenses adequate legal notice of a person's intentions regarding organ donation. The bill passed the House 117-1. It now goes to the Senate.

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