Tuesday, February 13, 2007

House Majority Whip Elected

House Democratic members elected three members to serve as Majority Whips for the next two years: Reps. Larry Bell of Sampson County, Jean Farmer-Butterfield of Wilson County, and Deborah Ross of Wake County.

The Majority Whips will be part of the House Leadership team, which includes Speaker Joe Hackney, Speaker Pro Tem William Wainwright of Craven County, and Majority Leader Hugh Holliman of Davidson County. The three-member whip team is responsible for keeping tabs on what legislation is coming to the floor or will be debated in committees, and will offer needed information to members as requested; monitoring how members of the House Democratic Caucus are reacting to important bills or plan to vote; helping to ensure the priority issues of the caucus are advanced throughout the session; and ensuring members are present for important votes and are aware of the positions of the House leaders and the Democratic Caucus on various bills up for debate.

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