Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lottery Oversight Commission Established

The House and Senate approved legislation on Thursday that creates a new lottery oversight commission in an effort to ensure all lottery money goes directly to education programs. The nine-member panel will review the lottery’s annual revenue and make sure that the division’s proceeds are not supplanting existing education funds. The Governor, House Speaker, and Senate President Pro Tempore will each appoint three members to the commission, each deciding on at least one educator and one person who is experienced in financial management. That panel will meet at least four times each year and will provide an annual report to the Legislature. I was a primary sponsor of the bill. The lottery law passed last year requires that the net revenues go to early childhood education, reducing class size, school construction, and college scholarships. The Lottery, which began selling tickets on March 31, 2006, is expected to produce $425 million for education in its first year.

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